Clara Gottschalk Peterson (1837-1910) was born in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana. Her father was a wealthy English London-born Jewish merchant of German origin and her mother was of French descent. Her brother was noted composer and virtuoso pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869). She was a staunch protector of her brother’s music in its original form. She married Robert Evans Peterson. She was active as a musician and. composer, living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Asbury Park, New Jersey. She died in Asbury Park. Her compositions include piano pieces and. other assorted works including the collection Creole songs from New Orleans in the Negro-dialect, set to music by Clara Gottschalk Peterson.


All are SATB and unaccompanied unless noted in VOICING column. A noting of “div” indicates some divisi within a part or parts, but usually not a true independent part throughout the work. Solos and accompaniment are also noted.
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Wake thee, my dear

Thomas Moore

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