Oliver L. Fleck

Oliver Leander Fleck (1863-1897) was born in Dundee, Ohio. When he was two, his family moved to Lagrange County, Indiana, where his father opened a lumber mill. He married Jennie May Carpenter of Michigan, taught music, and lived a time in Cook County, Illinois. His wife also composed songs and wrote poetry. About 1892, he and his family relocated to Southern California where he lived in Los Angeles, Colton and Riverside. He was active in the Baptist church and taught music. He and his wife contracted tuberculosis a few years after the move. His wife gave birth to a child as she was being committed to an asylum. They both passed away a short time later in Riverside. He wrote a number of hymns and secular songs that appeared in collections of songs for church, convention, and pedagogical use.

All are mixed chorus unless noted; some contain divisi.






The Rippling River

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