William Horatio Clarke (1840-1913) was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and was educated in public and high schools of Dedham. In his training, he became a fine organist and could play almost every stringed and wind instrument. In his career, he was a church organist and music director of the public schools in Dayton, Ohio; organist at Roberts Park Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana; a church organist in Rochester, New York; organist at the Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto, Canada; and organist at the Tremont Temple in Boston, Massachusetts. He also served as Bandmaster of the Naval Brigade Band of Massachusetts. He was an expert on organs and their construction. In Indianapolis, he operated an organ-building firm specializing in building large pipe organs with from twenty to sixty stops. The company also repaired and tuned existing organs and made pitch pipes for use in school music classes. He authored many books on organ construction and on organ techniques. He was a contributor to magazines on musical and metaphysical subjects and editor of the organ department of the periodical “The Musician.” His compositions are mainly organ pieces for church use. He died in Reading, Massachusetts. His son Herbert Lincoln Clarke (1867-1945) is considered one of the finest cornet players in history.

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